Technical questions

What is the maximum permissible tire width?

The maximum permissible tire width always corresponds to the tire width installed at the factory.
Tires from other manufacturers or of other sizes can cause damage to the frame.
If you still want to fit another tire, please check that it has sufficient clearance (min. 8 mm distance).

What is the maximum permissible disc brake diameter?

The disc brake diameter installed at the factory corresponds to the maximum permissible values, even, for example, if the fork manufacturer has approved larger values. This applies to both the rear wheel and the front wheel. By changing the diameter, the acting forces can be changed many times over.

Who can I contact if I have a problem?

If you have any questions, requests, praise, criticism, problems, or anything else, you can contact us at any time:

Contact us

In case of defects or major problems, please visit your CONWAY Bike dealer.

What should I be aware of when handling an e-bike battery?

You will find all the information you need for handling BOSCH e-bike batteries here:

BOSCH E-Bike Battery Guide (German)

For SHIMANO Steps systems we have all the information for you here:

SHIMANO STEPS Guide (German) 

Can I ride my e-bike in the rain or clean it with high pressure?

Of course, you can even ride your e-bike in the rain! Just make sure you let it dry again afterwards, as moisture can be bad for electrical contacts over time.

High-pressure cleaning is generally not recommended, as this can force the grease out of the bearings, which accelerates wear.

Am I allowed to tune my e-bike?

NO. Apart from the applicable legal regulations, tuning damages both the motor and the battery as well as other components.

All warranty and guarantee provisions are voided in this situation.

For dealers who receive e-bikes for servicing, here is the recommended action from the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZiV).

ZiV recommendation for action (German)

Can I transport my CONWAY Bike on a bike carrier?

We recommend transporting your bike inside the vehicle. Many bike racks clamp the bikes on the down tube, this is not suitable especially for carbon frames. Clamping on the top tube and fixing the wheels is usually suitable for transporting aluminum frames.

Roof racks that use the (suspension) fork mount and the rear wheel are generally unproblematic. This fixing is not suitable for carbon forks.

What is the maximum system weight?

The maximum system weight (bike + rider + load) for all bikes and e-bikes from usage category 2-4 is 140 kg, unless individual components (e.g., wheels) are identified as requiring a lower system weight.

The permissible total weight for 20″+24" bikes is 60 kg, for 26″ bikes it is 80 kg.

12″ and 16″ wheels may be loaded with a maximum of 35 kg.

What modifications am I allowed to make to my CONWAY Bike?

To ensure safe operation and legal compliance, no modifications or changes may be made to the bike or e-bike. This also applies to the installation of child seats, for example, as additional forces are introduced into the frame and different components are subjected to greater stress.



Where can I buy CONWAY Bikes?

You can buy a CONWAY Bike at selected specialist dealers! We distinguish between CONWAY shops, CONWAY PRO shops and CONWAY PREMIUM shops. In addition, there are PRO and PREMIUM shops that specialize in e-bikes. You can find the overview here:  CONWAY Dealer

What are the guarantee conditions?

Warranty and guarantee conditions:

The first point of contact for warranty and guarantee claims is the dealer the CONWAY Bike was purchased from.
In principle, a statutory warranty of 2 years from the date of sale applies to all products.
In addition, we grant a 3-year warranty on all carbon frames and a 5-year warranty on all aluminum frames from the date of sale.
This is limited to the frame only. Any costs incurred for additional parts in the event of replacement under warranty are to be covered by the customer.

BOSCH warranty/guarantee conditions:

The warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period begins with the sale of the e-bike to the end customer, but no later than 6 months after delivery of the components purchased from Bosch (date of transfer of risk) to the bicycle manufacturer. If the end customer operates the e-bike commercially (e.g. rental companies, courier services), the warranty period is 12 months.

Warranty for the battery pack / power pack:

Minimum of 500 charging cycles or 70% (300Wh) or 60% (400Wh) of the nominal capacity (based on the information stored by the battery pack) within the warranty period."